Octavcat – “In Memory Of Old Gear”

After something of a hiatus here at UA, we are back up and running and have a ream of new releases ready to drop. Kicking things off is a brand new long player from Octavcat, entitled “In Memory Of Old Gear”. Sticking to their now established sound, it’s another top notch selection of quintessentially UK electronica, crunchy and edgy whilst also wistful and melodic. This one is available in two formats – a tasteful grey vinyl 12″ containing seven tracks, and a digital version weighing in with an extra four. If you order from the UA shop, we’ll include a free copy of the digital with every order of the vinyl, and you can even choose your preferred digital format. The vinyl has been slightly delayed as we’re still waiting for our new ‘house bag’ sleeves to be delivered but should ship by the middle of february – the digital is available now. You can order direct here, where we also have a couple of other preorders now available – more detail on those to follow in due course.

In other news, if you haven’t already then we recommend you check out the brand new album from Ukkonen. Released by our good buddies over at No Pain In Pop, we also have a new Ukkonen EP in the pipeline ourselves.

That’s all for now – stay tuned and thanks for your continued support!!

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Ukkonen and his Isolated Rhythms

Well what a time of it we’ve been having here at UA towers… to say we’ve been plagued by manufacturing gremlins would be an understatement, but now, finally, at last, we’re ready to announce the eagerly anticipated release of Ukkonen’s fantastic debut album. “The Isolated Rhythms of…” has been garnering intense critical acclaim from music press across the world – and who could blame them? This really is a record to write home about. Five pieces of just about the freshest electronic music to ever grace ears, our mysterious man from the Arctic has done it again, following his two fantastic EP’s over the last year or so. Speaking of which, if you’re still not a proud owner of those, may we recommend you get your skates on as both are now very nearly sold out and they won’t be repressed. Back to the matter in hand though, the album is now available to buy digitally from just about everywhere and the vinyl will shortly follow suit. Did we mention manufacturing problems? Well we’ve been through four (count ’em) sets of lacquers, three pressing plants and several facepalms but it looks like we’ve finally overcome. And yes those really are individually hand-painted sleeves packaging the double vinyl version. As usual you can order direct via our shop, where you’ll also get a free instant download in whatever format takes your fancy. Hear it in full below, and read copious praise and place your order here.

Whilst we’re singing Ukkonen’s praises, here’s those two EP’s again:

And there’s not one, not two, but three jaw-dropping sets he’s produced for the good people at No Pain In Pop, Underlying Form and mnmlssgs. You need all of these in your life.

Finally, the one and only Ukkonen interview, courtesy of the excellent Sonic Router, is available for your perusal here.

In between gnawing our fingers to the bone in exasperation at just how wrong it can all go for a release, here’s what else we’ve been up to:

Kone-R performed the closing set (with Stayhome) at Ginglik‘s 10th birthday party. A great time was had by all and we’d like to congratulate Tam & Col on their achievement. Legends!!

Kone-R also reached a couple of milestones of his own – a whole year doing shows on the fantastic Future Music web radio station, continuing fortnightly on wednesdays. Also he’s now been twenty (yes, twenty) years on the turntables in general. Scary stuff.

Octavcat have a rather marvellous track picked up by Warp, Bleep and Soundcloud for this exclusive compilation. Apparently Warp, Bleep and Soundcloud know a thing or two about music.

The genius Cursor Miner got his Masters degree in Digital Music Processing – congrats!

Neil Wells, who some of you will remember as Line, released a cracking EP under his new moniker, Forever Sound. You need this.

Regolith have a new one dropping too, check a sampler and preorder here. Geological!!

Finally Posthuman also drop a newie, this one has a rather nice remix package too. Check them both out at Acroplane.

Thanks to everyone for their support recently, it’s been immense!
Mwah x

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Ukkonen – ‘Spatia’ 12″

The mysterious Arctic producer known only as Ukkonen, returns to vinyl with a brand new five track EP as a warm-up for his forthcoming double album on Uncharted Audio.

Following last years ‘Erriapo’ 12”, which was charted by the likes of Agoria and left critics comparing his unique non-linear grooves to the likes of Gas, The Sight Below, Mark E, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Carl Craig, Mika Vainio and Isolee, here are five more masterpieces from his repertoire. Already being courted by other labels (with a compilation appearance mooted for No Pain In Pop after they invited him to remix man-of-the-moment Patten), and turning heads with his jaw-dropping ‘reimaginings’ of classic Detroit techno (completely removed from its 4/4 context) for the likes of Underlying Form, this reclusive producer is the only one to watch this year.

The man himself says of the EP, simply: “it’s about spaces – spaces in the mixing, spaces between notes and creating imaginary spaces that work against each other in unusual ways.”

You can stream the release in full and place your order here. Don’t forget the UA shop is the only place you can get a free download in the format of your choice as soon as you place your order! It will also be available soon in the ‘download only’ format.

Praise for Ukkonen:
“Hypnotism and polyrhythm for the most discerning ears” DJ mag
“Masterfully deep house music” Bleep
“Stylish and understated” Trebuchet
“A cushioned and indistinct microcosm” Connexion Bizarre
“Excellent… wonderful… highly recommended” Norman
“Quite unlike anything you can really place your finger on” Boomkat

Early DJ support from: Agoria, Ame, Dan Curtin, Colin Dale, Norman Nodge (Berghain/Ostgut Ton), Terry Mitchell, Dave Mothersole, Vince Watson and loads more

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Langer “Elements” out now

The final release of 2011 on Uncharted Audio comes in the shape of Langer‘s four track 12″ (and digital) EP, entitled “Elements”. This is the first Langer record since way back on UNCH002 and it doesn’t disappoint, showing off some serious techno and house sensibilities, with something of an edge. We’ve had some nice feedback on this from the likes of Slam, Craig Richards, John Tejada, Rolando, Fabrice Lig and plenty more – so you know it’s quality gear. As usual, the 12″ is available in all good record shops, distributed via Kudos from London to the world, and on all good digital stores too – but if you want both formats, your best bet as always is to head over to the UA shop, where you can mail order the 12″ and get the digital thrown in instantly at no extra cost. Everyone’s a winner. Have a listen:

Next up we’d like to thank everyone who came down to Ginglik for our 10th birthday party earlier this month. It was amazing!! Serious props to all the performers, helpers, liggers, guests etc who made sure it went off with a bang. And a special mention to Geoff Cowart for the press coverage and Emma Gutteridge for the photography. See a selection of her snaps from the night here.

As 2011 draws to a close we look forward to next year which will kick off with new releases from Ukkonen, who has recently remixed man of the moment Patten. We’d like to thank everyone for their continued support, particularly in these difficult times – we can’t do it without you. Finally, don’t forget you can catch Kone-R‘s fortnightly web radio show on the excellent Future Music – the next shows are on November 30th and December 14th and 28th. Previous shows are all archived here.

Thanks again and have a great festive period!

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Cyan341 12″ release plus gig news

Cyan341 is about to drop a brand new 12″ on Uncharted. Released mid-October, you can pre-order the wax now from our shop and get a free download straight away. It will reach all other shops, both in physical and digital form, during the course of October. You can check the whole thing here:

And you can watch Stuart Bowditch’s rather marvelous video for “Disconnected” here:

In other hot news, it’s been 10 years since Uncharted came into being. Naturally we’re very pleased to have reached such a milestone and would like to thank everyone who’s supported us down the years – we can’t do it without you. To celebrate, we’re throwing a party at Ginglik in Shepherds Bush, a venue that has been pivotal to the label for a long time now. It’s on November 5th and as well as a host of live and DJ performances from acts on the label, we have a very special guest in the form of Oliver Ho – another bastion of West London’s electronic underground. Full details on the ‘live’ page.

Another gig we have to mention, also in Shepherds Bush, is the forthcoming Oxjam event on October 29th. Label boss Kone-R will be dj’ing at the Raving Buddha, but the event is spread across six local venues and goes on all day. Early bird wristbands are available, along with more info, here. Naturally it’s all for a good cause, so well worth giving your support!

More releases are just around the corner so hold tight!

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Ukkonen 12″ is out now

A brand new record from a brand new signing! Ukkonen is a mysterious producer from the depths of the Arctic Circle, who has already started turning heads with his glacial and unusual style of techno. Whilst on first listen the sound is minimal and straightforward, repeated immersive listens highlight the underlying complexities and subtleties of this unique talent. The 12″ is a hand-stamped white label containing three tracks and is available in all good record shops now, worldwide distribution by Kudos Records. It’s also available direct from our shop – which is the only place you’ll also get a free, instant digital download with your purchase. Listen in full, here:

There’s only 200 copies of these and they are selling fast – (Phonica have already had stock twice and both times it sold out in just 24 hours, with Andy Weatherall among the purchasers) so don’t be one of those left with a sad face when the Ukkonen album drops on Uncharted later this year, as these tracks aren’t on it!
In the meantime you can also check out the following Ukkonen info-points:
Ukkonen Blog
Ukkonen Soundcloud
Ukkonen Myspace

In other news:

Regolith perform live at the Roundhouse on sunday 15th of May. Free admission. Details here. Regolith onstage at 5pm.

Kone-R’s debut performance at Fabric for EPM was a roaring success. Hear his set here.

Cursor Miner’s “Requires Attention” continues to do top business, with celebrity fans rushing to buy it. Check it here.

Next up on Uncharted Audio:
Cyan341 – “Disconnected” 12″ featuring remixes by Area, See The Road and Abstract Source

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Kone-R dj’ing @ Fabric 26/02 plus promo mix

UA head honcho and resident DJ extraordinaire will break his Fabric duck on 26/02/11.

Appearing in Room 2 as part of EPM’s 10th birthday celebrations, he will be sharing bang time with Robert Hood, Orlando Voorn and Detroit Grand Pubahs. Advance tickets are already sold out but there will be some held back on the door – arrive very early to avoid disappointment! To coincide, here’s some very nice words about the man from Fabric’s blog and a brand new mix to get you in the mood…

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New EP from The Council Flats of Kingsbury

The Council Flats of Kingsbury return to action with a new EP this week. Entitled “Fun In The Sun“, it pairs the lead track from the debut album (currently in use by Toyota for an online ad) with six brand new tracks. They say:

“Aside from the catchy psychedelic bossa nova ‘Fun in the Sun’, here we have a collection of autumnal wistfulness with a hint of teen vampire drama, ranging from the long and meditative to the stark and short.”

This is a digital-only release and it’s available from all good digital vendors now, including our fab new online store (where you can listen to the whole thing in full).

If you like the black stuff (we do), there’s also still a few copies of the album available on limited edition hand-numbered vinyl.

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Cursor Miner Digital and Advert 3

If you’re the kind of person that likes their music in bits, Cursor Miner Requires Attention is now available directly from the Uncharted Audio shop in a variety of digital formats including mp3 and FLAC.

To celebrate, here’s the latest in our series of slightly ridiculous adverts. This one highlights some of the Celebrity VIP Special Guest Stars featured on Requires Attention.

Reviews are starting to arrive. Here’s one from those nice folk at Boomkat:

“Electronica maverick Cursor Miner deploys his fourth album, a journey into the lawless frontiers of pop music where just about anything can happen. Oddball opener ‘Reject’ is what you’d imagine Depeche Mode jamming around a campfire might sound like, while the more circuit-centric ‘The Golem Of Bognor Regis’ lurches more conscientiously in the direction of an electro influence, whilst also sounding a little like one of Atom TM’s many guises in its absorption of chintzy exotica. One of the album’s highlights, ‘The Man With The Transparent Face’ marks a turn towards a post-dubstep sound, embracing throbbing, pressurised basslines and aggressive beats whilst keeping it quintessentially Cursor Miner with a weird lyrical contingent. Following suit, ‘Mad Cow (Intensively Farmed Version)’ maintains the dark and distorted urban edge, while such diverse treats as the Rephlex-ish ‘Full English Fastbreak’ and the star-gazing cold-wave missive (and former single) ‘Luna’ keep the top quality content flowing.”

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Cursor Miner in London on 27/11/10

Cursor Miner plays alongside Posthuman, Antoni Maiovvi, 8Bitch, Sleeps in Oysters, The Dagger Brothers and Seed DJs at the Seed Records 10th Birthday Party.

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