Ukkonen and his Isolated Rhythms

Well what a time of it we’ve been having here at UA towers… to say we’ve been plagued by manufacturing gremlins would be an understatement, but now, finally, at last, we’re ready to announce the eagerly anticipated release of Ukkonen’s fantastic debut album. “The Isolated Rhythms of…” has been garnering intense critical acclaim from music press across the world – and who could blame them? This really is a record to write home about. Five pieces of just about the freshest electronic music to ever grace ears, our mysterious man from the Arctic has done it again, following his two fantastic EP’s over the last year or so. Speaking of which, if you’re still not a proud owner of those, may we recommend you get your skates on as both are now very nearly sold out and they won’t be repressed. Back to the matter in hand though, the album is now available to buy digitally from just about everywhere and the vinyl will shortly follow suit. Did we mention manufacturing problems? Well we’ve been through four (count ’em) sets of lacquers, three pressing plants and several facepalms but it looks like we’ve finally overcome. And yes those really are individually hand-painted sleeves packaging the double vinyl version. As usual you can order direct via our shop, where you’ll also get a free instant download in whatever format takes your fancy. Hear it in full below, and read copious praise and place your order here.

Whilst we’re singing Ukkonen’s praises, here’s those two EP’s again:

And there’s not one, not two, but three jaw-dropping sets he’s produced for the good people at No Pain In Pop, Underlying Form and mnmlssgs. You need all of these in your life.

Finally, the one and only Ukkonen interview, courtesy of the excellent Sonic Router, is available for your perusal here.

In between gnawing our fingers to the bone in exasperation at just how wrong it can all go for a release, here’s what else we’ve been up to:

Kone-R performed the closing set (with Stayhome) at Ginglik‘s 10th birthday party. A great time was had by all and we’d like to congratulate Tam & Col on their achievement. Legends!!

Kone-R also reached a couple of milestones of his own – a whole year doing shows on the fantastic Future Music web radio station, continuing fortnightly on wednesdays. Also he’s now been twenty (yes, twenty) years on the turntables in general. Scary stuff.

Octavcat have a rather marvellous track picked up by Warp, Bleep and Soundcloud for this exclusive compilation. Apparently Warp, Bleep and Soundcloud know a thing or two about music.

The genius Cursor Miner got his Masters degree in Digital Music Processing – congrats!

Neil Wells, who some of you will remember as Line, released a cracking EP under his new moniker, Forever Sound. You need this.

Regolith have a new one dropping too, check a sampler and preorder here. Geological!!

Finally Posthuman also drop a newie, this one has a rather nice remix package too. Check them both out at Acroplane.

Thanks to everyone for their support recently, it’s been immense!
Mwah x

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