Line is the alter-ego of British-born, German-raised pop-electro producer Neil Wells.

Until recently an electronic sideline to his main musical interests (including the bands Seachange (Matador), Savoy Grand (Pickled Egg/Glitterhouse) and Escapologists), his 2005 debut 7″, ‘A Snowstorm in a Globe/Observe the Mechanics’, “borrowing the sunglasses-at-night menace that bruises Depeche Mode’s darker work before mingling it with the kind of detachment normally associated with Colder” (Boomkat), nonetheless drew plaudits from sources as diverse as Warpmart (“killer”), Textura (“awesome”), Angryape (“brilliant”), and Nag Nag Nag supremo Fil OK.

A slew of compilation appearances followed, as well as live shows with the likes of Fog, Alias, The Bug, DMX Krew, Kid606, Debasser, Cylob, and Panda Bear, topped off this year by an appearance on Uncharted Audio’s “Signals” subscription 7″ series alongside artists such as Plaid, Si Begg, King Cannibal and label-mate Cursor Miner.

Now focussing on the electronic stuff, Line’s début LP, ‘Hearts‘, spins strands of lo-fi electro, acid, indie rock and techno into heart-rending love songs.

Uncharted Releases