Ukkonen 12″ is out now

A brand new record from a brand new signing! Ukkonen is a mysterious producer from the depths of the Arctic Circle, who has already started turning heads with his glacial and unusual style of techno. Whilst on first listen the sound is minimal and straightforward, repeated immersive listens highlight the underlying complexities and subtleties of this unique talent. The 12″ is a hand-stamped white label containing three tracks and is available in all good record shops now, worldwide distribution by Kudos Records. It’s also available direct from our shop – which is the only place you’ll also get a free, instant digital download with your purchase. Listen in full, here:

There’s only 200 copies of these and they are selling fast – (Phonica have already had stock twice and both times it sold out in just 24 hours, with Andy Weatherall among the purchasers) so don’t be one of those left with a sad face when the Ukkonen album drops on Uncharted later this year, as these tracks aren’t on it!
In the meantime you can also check out the following Ukkonen info-points:
Ukkonen Blog
Ukkonen Soundcloud
Ukkonen Myspace

In other news:

Regolith perform live at the Roundhouse on sunday 15th of May. Free admission. Details here. Regolith onstage at 5pm.

Kone-R’s debut performance at Fabric for EPM was a roaring success. Hear his set here.

Cursor Miner’s “Requires Attention” continues to do top business, with celebrity fans rushing to buy it. Check it here.

Next up on Uncharted Audio:
Cyan341 – “Disconnected” 12″ featuring remixes by Area, See The Road and Abstract Source

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