Octavcat – In Memory Of Old Gear




Direct from Uncharted Audio




Grey vinyl LP / Digital download

Press release

Octavcat are brothers Rich and Matt Cawte, alongside motion graphics artist Jamie Bradshaw. They return to Uncharted Audio with a new album of crunchy melodic tunes. Created from a variety of ageing electronic boxes, this album is dedicated to all the old gear used by the brothers that has ended up on ebay or in the skip.

Previously releasing their “Hard As Snails” LP for Uncharted Audio as well as featuring on U-Cover, Unlabel and Blacknight, most recently (on top of astonishing the top London venue Koko with their mesmerising live A/V set) they were selected from a pool of over 4000 submissions to be included on Bleep.com’s “Filtered” compilation project which was put together in association with Warp Records and Soundcloud, which found them in good company. This is quite simply timeless, classic UK electronic music.

Tracks (vinyl version)

  1. Rotator Cuff
  2. Panstarrs
  3. C16 Dual
  4. Diurnal Arc
  5. Quanta
  6. Nguyen
  7. Ibux

Tracks (digital version)

  1. Rotator Cuff
  2. Spotbommit
  3. C16 Dual
  4. Diurnal Arc
  5. Quanta
  6. Beetrootbeat
  7. Fighting Cider
  8. Panstarrs
  9. Nguyen
  10. Duad
  11. Ibux


“Instead of the familiar sparkle and shine of most modern dance music a hearthy fireside glow pervades a remarkably varied selection of tracks, from the brooding snaky grooves of “Fighting Cider” to the mellow atmospheric stabs of “Diurnal Arc”… a thorough mastery of arrangement and melody. The music flows effortlessly, never over saturated with ideas yet consistently maintaining interest as frenetic builds and enveloping breakdowns warp and weave their way through an ever shifting landscape of melodies and rhythms.

A resounding testament to the warmth and spirit of the machines that made electronic music.”

(Review by Igloo Mag)