“…a dexterity few DJ’s can harness” (One Week To Live)

Kone-R is the man behind the Uncharted Audio record label, which has introduced the likes of Cursor Miner, LJ Kruzer, Kings Have Long Arms and plenty of other weird and wonderful sonic tomfoolery to the world.

Manning the turntables since 1992 when he discovered the joy of warehouse raves, the spirit of that era lives on in his sets today, with a liberal sprinkling of ambience, techno, breakbeats and plenty of low frequency oscillations. Despite the length of time he’s spent in the booth, he maintains a cutting edge – you’re as likely to hear him drop fresh dubplates by up and coming acts alongside the latest cuts from Berlin to Detroit as you are to hear vintage rave, classic disco and timeless electro. What’s more, every Kone-R set is expertly mixed entirely on vinyl to preserve audio and artistic integrity – just like in the good old days.

Uncharted Releases

Releases on other labels

Kone-R also released a track on the esteemed Ai label – strictly limited vinyl-only release, long since deleted. You can, however, buy the track as an mp3 courtesy of Warp’s Bleep.com.

He also has a track available on the Ginglik Saturdays: Rhythms Re-Lik compilation.