Cursor Miner Digital and Advert 3

If you’re the kind of person that likes their music in bits, Cursor Miner Requires Attention is now available directly from the Uncharted Audio shop in a variety of digital formats including mp3 and FLAC.

To celebrate, here’s the latest in our series of slightly ridiculous adverts. This one highlights some of the Celebrity VIP Special Guest Stars featured on Requires Attention.

Reviews are starting to arrive. Here’s one from those nice folk at Boomkat:

“Electronica maverick Cursor Miner deploys his fourth album, a journey into the lawless frontiers of pop music where just about anything can happen. Oddball opener ‘Reject’ is what you’d imagine Depeche Mode jamming around a campfire might sound like, while the more circuit-centric ‘The Golem Of Bognor Regis’ lurches more conscientiously in the direction of an electro influence, whilst also sounding a little like one of Atom TM’s many guises in its absorption of chintzy exotica. One of the album’s highlights, ‘The Man With The Transparent Face’ marks a turn towards a post-dubstep sound, embracing throbbing, pressurised basslines and aggressive beats whilst keeping it quintessentially Cursor Miner with a weird lyrical contingent. Following suit, ‘Mad Cow (Intensively Farmed Version)’ maintains the dark and distorted urban edge, while such diverse treats as the Rephlex-ish ‘Full English Fastbreak’ and the star-gazing cold-wave missive (and former single) ‘Luna’ keep the top quality content flowing.”

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