The Council Flats of Kingsbury – Mini-LP

The Council Flats of Kingsbury



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The Council Flats of Kingsbury present songs for an imaginary drama/horror set in an exotic housing estate. A DIY production with delayed and reverberated backing vocals, the overall result is an easy listening experience with a hint of psychedelia.

Press release

Influenced by the golden age of bossa nova, sophisticated soundtracks, classic psychological thrillers, and the subtle horrors of suburban life, the once enlightened Council Flats of Kingsbury make extreme efforts to hold it together for circa 35 minutes on this delicate home production.

Maintaining a leash on delusion induced paranoia, the sedating melodies will have you pottering around in the belief that everything is lovely and ignoring the fact that something’s not quite right.

“Louise”, the closing track on the album, has picked up radio play from the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1 and Don Letts on BBC 6 Music, as well as on Chill FM and elsewhere.


  1. Fun in the Sun
  2. Strange Party
  3. Michelle’s Teeth
  4. Dream Within a Dream
  5. Go Traveling
  6. Hobo Stares at the Sky Awhile
  7. Black Leather Glove
  8. Theme to “Nothing Really Matters”
  9. There I Was, Dancing
  10. Frolicking in the Suburbs
  11. Warm and Fuzzy Here (free mp3)
  12. Happy but Dark
  13. The Laughing Idiot
  14. Louise