Dance Audit Hour

Dance Audit Hour



Free! Download direct from Uncharted Audio.





Release date

11th August 2010


To celebrate the launch of our new shop Uncharted Audio presents Dance Audit Hour: a FREE compilation featuring previously unheard rarities, remixes and alternate takes. Yes, we did say free. Free as in zero money.

DAH features the following wondrous occurrences:

  • Cursor Miner implores you to Leave It Out
  • John Callaghan spreads the love
  • Cyan341 reworks one of his recent dub-techno smashes
  • LJ Kruzer critically examines Line’s genetic heritage
  • The Council Flats of Kingsbury do Something
  • PLUS the long awaited return of Langer, and much MUCH MORE!

Download Dance Audit Hour for free in the format of your choice.


  1. LJ Kruzer – Chantiers Navals 412
  2. Cyan341 – Pattern 4 (Version 10)
  3. Posthuman – Datalinks (Line remix)
  4. John Callaghan – All the World Loves Lovers
  5. Cursor Miner – Leave it Out
  6. Regolith – Choked Echoes
  7. Line – Predisposition (LJ Kruzer remix)
  8. Octavcat – Eebyegum
  9. Langer – Random Mandel
  10. Ukkonen – Lysithea
  11. The Council Flats of Kingsbury – Something