Line – Hearts

Line - Hearts



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Uncharted Audio are proud to present ‘Hearts’ – the debut album from Line. Spinning strands of lo-fi electro, acid, indie rock and techno into heartrending love songs, ‘Hearts’ is available as a CD, download and vinyl LP. The CD comes with a full colour 8-page booklet and the vinyl comes housed in a beautiful full colour sleeve.


  1. Optics (free mp3)
  2. Go Let it Out
  3. Paral.lel Lines
  4. Lenx
  5. 1228
  6. Number One
  7. A Replacement
  8. Predisposition
  9. The Winter Sky


“A welcome human element in the machine music sphere”.

(Clash Magazine)

“Deep, pressurised funk and catchy synth pop”.

(Plan B Magazine)

“Brilliant and intriguing… fascinating lyrics with simple rhythms and skewed melodies”.

(Irish Daily Star)

Plaintive voice times delectable electro prettiness times a monstrous bass equals Line… touching and defiant”.

(Lend Me Your Ears)

Wicked tunes… fans of Hot Chip might just find the next big thing here… ‘Hearts’ works, and it shows that Britain’s electronica scene is alive and well… the scene can still throw out some great tunes”.

(Bearded Magazine)

“You can’t help yourself liking it… ‘Hearts’ is quite an exceptional album”.


“one of the comparatively few artists operating within what might be loosely termed as the electro-pop genre to really get a firm grasp of the ‘pop’ part of that pigeonhole… good stuff”.