Uncharted Megarave 25/02/2006

The Uncharted sessions continue apace this month, with head honcho Kone-r celebrating his birthday by gathering together the cream of the ua crop! Ginglik will be transformed with an incredible light show and live visuals from the spectralists, whilst the music itself will be supplied by cursor miner, line and s.w.a.n.k. – all performing live on stage. special guest dj’s will complete the lineup.

all this will be happening at Ginglik, 1 shepherds bush green W12 (that’s underneath the green, opposite the central line station), running from 8pm-2am but please note there is no entry after midnight. it’s 4 quid to get in. ginglik is members-only but membership is free and available on the door – just bring ID.

check out bleep‘s selection of cursor miner:

check out line‘s track from the london electrics compilation album:

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