London Electrics – Out Now!

In the shops at last!

12 tracks, 2 per label from Ai, Seed, Expanding, Highpoint Lowlife, SRL and of course, Uncharted Audio! tracks from the likes of Posthuman, Bovaflux, Jacen Solo, Benge, Vessel, Blamstrain… the list goes on… of interest to fans of uncharted is that both the ua tracks are exclusive to the compilation – ‘what was your day like’ by lj kruzer and ‘a mistake’ by our new discovery, line. what’s more, both tracks have picked up plays on the nation’s favourite, BBC Radio 1.

Plan B Photo

Perhaps best of all, you can get the whole lot for the price of an import 12″. The gorgeous artwork (by build) has already graced the front cover of Creative Review mag. but if you still don’t believe us, read on:

Textura review

Barcode Zine Review

Gridface review

“really quite a sensational little compilation”
Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1 / Breezeblock

“a stunning collection of imaginative, strong and beautiful electronic music”
Nick Luscombe, XFM Radio London / Flo-Motion

album of the week – Chris Coco/Blue Room (BBC Radio 1)

check your local friendly record store, or any good online shop – if they don’t have it, ask them to order it from SRD

or if you prefer high quality digital format, check out bleep

think in electrics. london electrics

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