Upcoming stuff

Some things to watch out for:

Uncharted Audio 3 hour special on Groovetech

This takes place between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesday 11th December and features the man like Kone-R in the mix and also a live set by man of the moment Cursor Miner. Apparently there’s going to be interviews and stuff too! If you stream the show you will also be able to check out an astonishing visual display which has been specially put together for us by Brainfresh.


Finally, plans are underway for the New Years Eve Wang, this is going to be a stomper, with a massive array of top-notch DJ’s. Among those already confirmed are K-Rock (Rephlex), ADJ (Pyramid), World Krak Cartel, Chris Rotter and our very own Kone-R! Tickets will be a mere ten quid in advance. Check their site for more details.

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