John Metcalfe is our special guest this weekend

This Saturday at Ginglik, come down and experience some amazing music, hosted by our good selves…

Saturday 9th Feb 2008

at Ginglik, 1 Shepherds Bush Green W12 8PH
(yes we know the central line station is closed but there’s a free bus from white city, or you could wander down from holland park. there’s always the hammersmith & city line. alternatively, there’s loads of local buses!)

“John Metcalfe’s strings and electronics are impeccable” (The Guardian)

A chance to hear ex-Durutti Columnist John Metcalfe and the Bays’ drumming legend Andy Gangadeen performing Metcalfe’s music in a rare London appearance. They will be joined by The Bays’ sonic genius Simon Richmond and the leader of the world renowned Duke Quartet, Louisa Fuller.

Metcalfe’s music dissolves boundaries between electronic and modern classical styles demonstrating the best in deep and inspiring instrumentalism. With influence from Bach to Eno via Schoenberg and Kraftwerk, Metcalfe’s sound world is beguiling and hugely powerful. Pieces range in scope from electric intimacy and lush cinematica to searing orchestral drum’n’bass.

“… crossing all manner of boundaries. Melding avant-pop and electronica, film music and contemporary classical…a set of highly melodic, sonically compelling songs without words…the ideal item for classical fans wanting to investigate a pop-leaning, contemporary sound world or for electronica fans who crave far more musicality than they’re used to getting” (Billboard)

Hearing the music live is an intense experience. The level of musicianship and technical skill is second to none. Audiences are simply blown away by the visceral focus and variety of emotion on offer. More often than not a set from the band provokes descriptions of “absolutely jaw-dropping”, “brilliant” and “awesome” on website forums. The press too. Of a recent show The Guardian stated, “The event starts brilliantly with viola player/composer John Metcalfe. They play a smartly written, sharply defined repertoire (as demonstrated by Metcalfe’s album Scorching Bay), but Gangadeen’s supercharged style reveals an extra dimension in Metcalfe’s material; the drums sit right on top of the beat, synchronising precisely with the urgent attack of the strings.”

plus support from:

Ebbs & Flows….
Ebbs and Flows is a musician / producer from a combination of northwest London and the rural confusion of the West Country. Dark droning loops are employed to create multi layered hooks that build and grow until they have morphed into fractured krautrock maelstroms, combining distorted and warped textures, mixed with hard (occasionally nasty) basslines and beats. Both sparse and sonically dense, you will find yourself hypnotised in calm pastoral fields, only to wake up in the middle of a squat party.

“…a dexterity few DJ’s can harness”
(One Week To Live)

Kone-R is the man behind the Uncharted Audio record label, which has introduced the likes of Cursor Miner, LJ Kruzer, Kings Have Long Arms and plenty of other weird and wonderful sonic tomfoolery to the world. Manning the turntables since 1992 when he discovered the joy of warehouse raves, the spirit of that era lives on in his sets today, with a liberal sprinkling of ambience, techno, breakbeats and plenty of low frequency oscillations. Despite the length of time he’s spent in the booth, he maintains a cutting edge – you’re as likely to hear him drop fresh dub plates by up and coming acts alongside the latest cuts from Berlin to Detroit as you are to hear vintage rave, classic disco and timeless electro. What’s more, every Kone-R set is expertly mixed entirely on vinyl to preserve audio and artistic integrity – just like in the good old days.

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