First cast of 2007!

Finally got round to another show… first of the year. Been feeling quite deep recently so this is just a mix straight off the cuff, similar to some sets I been throwing down in the warm-up slots at Ginglik in January. Apologies for the slightly off-key mixes, I a bit rusty and it’s been a long weekend, also for some reason when I play these kinds of tracks i go into this weird emotional state that doesn’t seem conducive to crisp mixing… which is a bit of a bind to be honest.

So anyway here’s the tracklist in full… as usual, no computers, no overdubs, all totally live (you can tell!)… hope you enjoy it nonetheless:

  1. murmur – sections (meanwhile)
  2. jan jelinek – tendency (~scape)
  3. melchior productions ltd – different places (playhouse)
  4. yoni – p-yonic (source)
  5. remote_ – face up (smallfish)
  6. metamatics – repeater (clear)
  7. pantytec – elastobabe (soul capsule’s cosmic warrior mix) (perlon)
  8. arne weinberg – oblivion (aw)
  9. envoy – leave this world behind (soma)
  10. k hand – midnight train (radikal fear)
  11. carl craig – at les (planet e)
  12. the martian – the voice of grandmother (red planet)

Download the show

More in a week or so (promise!)

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