wheels mega-rave

what can we say, this one’s gonna be a winner!

Friday 4th March @ Elektrowerkz, Torrens St, Islington (behind angel tube)

Wheels Instead Of Hooves

The Return Of The Hoof

Wheels Meggatron Room
B12 (warp) *first live show in over 6 years!!*
Disjecta (warp) live
Plaid (warp) dj set
Luke Vibert (warp, ninja, mu, rephlex) dj set
Ceephax Acid Crew (breakin) live
[snyzch] (seed) live
The Doubtful Guest (seed) live
Tomp (warp dj)

Skam Records Showcase
Freeform (live)
Quinoline Yellow (live)
Posthuman (live)
Dr Derek F (live)
NMB Allstars
Rob Hall (gescom) dj set
Skam Dj’s

Spezial Material Showcase
Intricate (live)
Hpstonji (live)
Traject (live)
Solotempo (live)
Solarium (live)
Monoblock B (live)
Guy Veale
Tobiteki Vj’s

Ravemental Corridor
Dikkie & Manbag
The Lizzle’s Gizizzle
Seed Dj’s
Mike Kraked
+ special guests

Doors: 10pm – 6am

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