A Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the ’03, UA stylee!! Naturally there are a ton of things in the pipeline for this year, but we’re going to have to keep you in the dark on some of these for the moment as they are just too exciting and you’ll find them hard to take on board ;O) However, there are some nice things we can tell you about right now, so hold on to your pants and here we go….


Well after making his successful live debuts in the UK and France in the second half of last year, Mr LJ Kruzer is pressing on with a head of full steam this year. And talking of live debuts, his partner in crime from the UNCH003 split single is about to make his! Here’s the full lowdown on two gigs well worth popping along to, both in conjunction with the utterly wonderful people at Kinky Voodoo. First up, a little Sunday night chill session…

Kinky Voodoo presents Digitonal Live!

Sunday 2nd February, 6pm – 12 at the pool bar, curtain road, shoreditch, ec2 (nearest tube Old St.)

Live sets from:

Digitonal (toytronic)

LJ Kruzer (uncharted audio)

and DJs:

John Power (kinky voodoo)

TomM (global tomination)

John Spyboy (blase)

Entry is FREE!

“Kinky Voodoo is proud to present an evening with Digitonal, who are currently enjoying widespread acclaim with their debut release on Toytronic records, 23 things fall apart. As a warm up to the bands gig at Dedbeat, Digitonal will be playing live for free at the Pool Bar in Shoreditch. Taking electronic music out of the bedroom and onto the stage, Digitonal’s live set is about as far as you can get from the electronic stereotype of faceless blokes absent mindlessly pressing buttons, incorporating drums and violins with synths and other electronics Digitonal are pushing the envelope of what is expected of an electronica band, and in the process producing some sublimely good music.

In support will be new kid on the block LJ Kruzer, whose first release on Uncharted Audio has been compared to artists such as Plone and Schneider TM, and will be one of this year’s most interesting artists. Filling in the gaps will be DJs John Power, John Spyboy, and Tomm, who will be spinning tracks from the more ambient, experimental and reflective end of the electro spectrum.”

And then we have the monster, trust us this one will be the daddy…..

Kinky Voodoo presents: Spectrum zx(10)

Friday 7th February, 8pm – 2am at The Asylum, 28 Rathbone Place, London, W1 (nearest tube Tottenham Court Road)

electro * acid house * machine pop

With Uncharted Audio Records


LJ Kruzer (uncharted audio)

Council Flats of Kingsbury (uncharted audio)



Kone-R (uncharted audio)

John Power (kinky voodoo)

Suzie Sparkle (delta-9)

tax: £5 / £3 members

“Kinky Voodoo joins forces with our sometime sparring partners Uncharted Audio to bring you the finest electro-synthpop-jungle-ragga-rave london has to offer. Following on from their triumphant appearance at the Seed Records tube party in November, LJ Kruzer and Kone-R will be familliar faces to some of you, when their blitzkrieg of booty shaking electro and beats left a packed room crying out for more, expect no less this time. Joining them and making his debut live performance will be the Council Flats of Kingsbury whose split 7″ with LJ was one of the electronic highlights of last year. And GEEZER’S PALACE, well words fail me, so i’ll instead refer to the anomynous email i received that first alerted me to their existence…

‘shrouded in mystery, the legendary GEEZER’S PALACE is a team of crack(ed up) individuals whose identity (and number) is unknown. all that is known for sure is that this collective is headed up by the porn mogul and one-man jungle massive known as ‘disco donny’. since busting out of the slammer in 1991, donny has constantly evaded police attention by never spending more than one day on the same continent, and by having reconstructive facial surgery every two weeks. grooverider, dj hype and the rat pack have all been known to talk in hushed tones about the man’s legendary collection of ragga jungle, and the near-orgasmic precision with which he effects the rewind ‘pon the crowd…… lighter!!! lighter!!!’

Topping and tailing the night will be Spectrum residents John Power and Suzie Sparkle, providing electro goodness with their trademark precision.”


On top of this fabulous rave action, we have some rather tasty platters lining up for release this year as well. We’re still finishing off the neccessaries on some of them but expect the first in a glut of great new releases to be available from early March, and this is going to be:

UNCH005 7″ LJ Kruzer “Bitch Owes Money/Bitch Owes Money (Posthuman Vox Mix)”

Posthuman from Seed Recordings have turned in a remarkable 2-step flavoured reworking of this live favourite from the Kruzer, which is the lead track. They’ve even added new lyrics! Sound samples and all the other gubbins will be up on the site imminently so keep ’em peeled… this’ll be limited to 300 again so it’s bound to fly out of the stores.

Expect this to be followed by a sneaky little limited vinyl compilation (details under wraps for the minute but trust us this has got some special, special guests on it!), plus new material from Cursor Miner and much, much more….

Keep it locked on the UA…. more goodies soon.

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