Ukkonen – Erriapo



Direct from Uncharted Audio.




Stamped white label 12″ and download

Release date

25th April 2011


Who is Ukkonen?

Apparently an unnamed producer from within the darkest depths of the Arctic circle.

What is he doing?

Some of the most interesting techno music we’ve heard in years.

What’s perhaps surprising is that he admits to having no interest or knowledge of the rich history of techno, coming instead from a background steeped in classical composition, jazz and art rock. Which is perhaps how he’s managed to corner such a unique take on the sound – by coming to it as a true outsider, just like the early pioneers.

Subtle polyrhythms pervade each piece – on first listen you think it’s 4/4… but is it? Does it even stick to a time signature? This is music of extreme depth that rewards immersive and repeated listening, whilst it could also find favour with the more discerning dancefloor.

“Kaksi” opened label boss Kone-R’s recent mix for Fabric’s website ahead of his DJ slot there in February and has already started turning heads.

With an album in the pipeline, expect more surprises from this Arctic enigma later this year.


  1. Erriapo
  2. Kaksi
  3. Thrym


“Erriapo is just HUUUGE. Sounds like Carl Craig making love to Isolee”

Review by Jerome Bazzanella

“Really interesting release… Thrym is my favourite. Very nice!”

Review by John Tejada

“Probably the best thing Uncharted have put out. Like Eno goes Detroit”

Review by Line

“Remarkable good music!”

Review by Art-D-Fact NL

“Materfully deep house music from a complete unknown or craft marketeering from a dancefloor veteran, either way the press release tells us “Who is Ukkonen? Apparently an unnamed producer from within the darkest depths of the Arctic circle. What is he doing? Some of the deepest House music we’ve heard in years.” Whatever, this three track limited copies EP on Uncharted Audio is seriously sumptuous music, like GAS or the Sight Below, Mark E, Aphex reinvigorated once more, beautifully.”

Review by Bleep

”Three impressionistic arctic House tracks from a mysterious producer known only as Ukkonen. It’s not the typical Uncharted fayre, but feels more like a lo-fi and slightly warmer version of early Mika Vainio but mixed with an outside awareness of jazz and artier experimentalism akin to maybe Koze. But then again they sound quite unlike anything you can really place your finger on. Intriguing…”

Review by Boomkat

“Yet another fantastic Uncharted release that’s bound to bring more attention to the label, issued as a hand-stamped limited twelve-inch that comes with a free digital download, Erriapo consists of three equally strong and brooding tracks, ranging from seven to 17 minutes in length and straddling beautifully the divide between deep house and minimal techno. This is an impressive slice of crisp, dark techno from an artist we will be hearing a lot more from in 2011.”

Review by

“Musically this is excellent, laid back ambient techno with a thumping 4/4 beat washed over with glorious synths, glorious acidy twiddles and beats that mutate throughout. Just when its reached a crescendo, it fades leaving you begging for more. The second track is more splendid icy electronica with more cleverly mutating beats and haunting atmospheres. Despite the format, highly recommended.”

Review by Norman Records