Langer – Whistlestop

Langer - Whistlestop



Direct from Uncharted Audio


  1. Whistlestop
  2. Danger Paul Robinson
  3. Perfect Blue




7″ (limited to 300 copies)


“Three tracks of schizophrenic, oddball audio courtesy of Richard Burden and Russell Parsons – the Jekyll and Hyde duo behind the wonky electronic workings of Langer. Imagine ISAN recorded live in a sheet metal factory and you’ll be part way there: delicate, tuneful melodies colliding head on with a myriad of crunchy, angular metallics and strange warped noises. Like peanut butter and jam, it’s a confusing combination but it seems to work.”

(DJ Magazine)

“It starts off innocently enough. Soft padded chords languishing over metal-on-metal electronics. But then Langer bring in all manner of strange and warped noises, the kinds a robot’s upset stomach might make. Bizarre and brilliant.”

(the skam)

“Following the label’s epically eclectic first release, this classy 7-inch continues along in a similarly buggered-up vein with a short-lived selection of broken-beat electronica and dirty computer jazz, rich in architecture and atmosphere, and as warm as it is unsettling. Roll on number three.”

(Overload Media)

“Langer are someone i’ve never heard of and they have a mental new 7″ which we thought was great. Nice melodic electronic stuff but with the most harsh weird sounds i’ve heard in some time popping up shredding your ears like cats down curtains. Class.”

(Norman Records)

“Cool little three track 7″ on Uncharted Audio. The title track is a bleepy, breaksy bit of electronica with some nice farty bass noises, and a hint of melody coming through. The flip explores similar territory, but with one track on a darker tip, and the other a tad lighter and more melodic. Nice.”


“The second release from the Uncharted Audio label comes from Langer who serve up this lovely three track single. The A side is covered by the title track, an intriguing mix of gorgeous electronica melodies set to an off kilter, heavily pitch shifted drum pattern enlivened by some seriously funky analogue synth stabs. On the other side ‘danger paul robinson’ and ‘perfect blue’ see similar territory covered in terms of the beat arrangements but with a much driftier feel to the melodies. Strong IDM electronica from an intriguing little label.”


“You really do need this record.”