Cursor Miner – Library

Cursor Miner - Library



Direct from Uncharted Audio


  1. Library
  2. Our Day Will Come




7″ (limited to 300 copies)


“More madness from Uncharted Audio this week with a new single by Cursor Miner (A CD will follow on Lo Recs). It’s a mad electro stomp (and I don’t like electro at all) but it’s crazy and I like the idea about it supporting libraries…. it being all about them and that you should go instead of watching telly and if you go the books are free. Which is true……. Storming….. as is the B side which is a kind of Beach Boysy feel to it. You want!”

(Review by Norman Records)

“Well now. “Library” is an utterly ridiculous electro pop anthem dedicated to everyone’s favourite public amenity. On t’other side, however, a cover of a song I remember from my childhood as being by Cher (it was on the b-side of my mum’s 45 of “Bang Bang”). I don’t know if Cursor Miner know that version, but they’ve somehow (christ knows how) managed keep the poignancy and longing of the original completely intact. Utterly barking but strangely moving – not unlike a cross between the magnetic fields and the beach boys, infact. And yes, that is most certainly a recommendation.”

(Review by Smallfish)

“Who would have thought that the Beach Boys could ever have been resurrected in electronic form so beautifully. While Fennesz tried it with dazzling brilliance some years back with delicately fuzzed-out filtered interpretatios, Cursor Miner gives it some tribute business and sings on the b-side burner Our Day Will Come. The title track, meanwhile, finds Mr Miner celebrating the virtues of paying a visit to the public library in his fine electro style.”

(Review by Boomkat)

“In predictably unpredictably fashion, his latest release, library, sounds a bit like a cross between The Streets’ “Don’t Mug Yourself” and The Wombles theme tune. Based on a clumsy but enjoyably squelchy electro-funk rhythm, the tune lollops along as Tubb extols the virtues of going to the library. Much better though is the b-side, Our Day Will Come. A drunken accordion skips along accompanied by dub echoes and woozy vocals. It won’t get people on the dancefloor, but the sweet melodies and lazy rhythm make it the perfect soundtrack for the end of a particularly decadent houseparty.”

(Review by Ed Chamberlin, musicalbear)

“Commenting on the commendable habit of spending time in the public library; with dead-pan vocals half-sung over simple-cell beats. The chorus of “the library, the library, it’s a place where books are free”, squeezes enough tongue-in-cheekness to make even people who hate all comedians in music bear a grin… a nice arabic rhythm to ‘our day will come’ with wistful musak ideals to boot.”

(Review by Ralph Cowling, Absorb)


Cursor Miner – Library from Uncharted Audio on Vimeo.