Kings Have Long Arms

Kings Have Long Arms


Kings Have Long Arms a.k.a. Adrian Flanagan was born on a park bench in Salford, during a heatwave in the seventies whilst his mother was watching the five a side football team, of Irish/Hungarian descent. He was expelled from school on his final day for trying to steal the school piano after doing a lone version of The Smiths “Asleep” at the end of year talent competition.

After turning down a place at art college because the tutor “had mud in his hair” he got a job at a local taxi firm, saved some money, packed in his job, bought a cheap guitar, then travelled around Europe only returning when the money ran out. He returned home to Salford and formed his first band “Gay Village Security Firm” which consisted of Adrian on vocals, Bontempi organ and guitar, a cello player and a tea chest/nose flute player. After a series of shambolic live performances, Adrian was soon expelled from the Manchester live scene for not possessing a beard. He sought sanctuary on the other side of the Pennines, in the city of Sheffield. He chose Sheffield because like Salford it began with an s plus a hirsute face was not mandatory. Immediately he fell in with the wrong crowd at an absinthe bar in the town centre, this is where he met eccentric beat duo I.Monster.

Using all his Salfordian guile he managed to blag some free studio time off da monster, locked himself in their studio with four bottles of wine, 900 mg of Viagra, 5 vintage synths and a beatbox. Hours later he emerged from their studio, very drunk, with a vinyl cutting erection and with what would be his debut release on I.Monster’s label “Twins of Evil”.

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